animal manure fertilizer pellet mill to make organic fertilizer

Product Overview  of fertilizer pellet mill

Organic fertilizer pellet mill is agricultural machinery research institute use years compound fertilizer processing equipment design, production experience developed in the latest technology products, the fertilizer making machine has obtained the country practical patent. It used to all kinds of organic matter after fermentation for granulation, break through the conventional organic prilling, before granulation need not to dry and crush the raw materials, it can direct burdening to work out cylindrical grain, can save a lot of energy

Advantages of fertilizer pellet mill

1.the fertilizer pellet mill has Low invest, good economic returns, high efficiency

2. fertilizer pellet mill has Reasonable design, advanced technology, compact arrangement of the whole

fertilizer production line.

3. Stable operation, energy saving, convenient to maintain.

4. Wide application for the raw materials. We can produce compound fertilizer of various kinds with different is same as disc granulator, both of them are used to make organic fertilizer granules